Monday, May 25 2020, 20:48 pm
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The Shell Falls Apart

PS particles deforms, whereas the thermally fused PE particle shell remains rigid. Movie S4. The behaviour of various droplets subjected to 20 kHz ultrasound. Pickering droplet in castor oil deforms reversibly by successive pulses and eventually falls apart. Droplet with PS

Decay of Mg and the Structure of Al

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 / pdf

— Far from the line of beta-stability, the well described shell structure of nuclei falls apart. Near the N = 20 shell closure lies the island of inversion, an area in which the nuclei exhibit ground states deformed with an intruder configuration. The 35Al nucleus is near this region and whether it belongs to the island is a focus of this study. The experiment to study the decay of 35Mg was …

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The Shell Falls Apart